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On the morning of Aug. 15, my wife was walking our leashed chihuahua on the public sidewalk of the 600 block of West John Street in Champaign when a pit bull owned by a person living on the block ran up silently, off-leash and unaccompanied, behind our dog and viciously attacked it.

My wife fought with the pit bull and was able to rescue our chihuahua. She fell hard to the pavement on her knees and elbows.

The owner appeared on the scene and got her dog under control. Animal control arrived and impounded it. My wife had lacerations on her legs and a bite wound while our dog had multiple bite wounds. Both had to get medical treatment.

On Nov. 19, Champaign assistant city attorney Kathryn Cataldo signed a plea agreement with the pit bull’s owner and her lawyer that allows the owner to bring her dog home providing she complies with a number of conditions meant to ensure that her animal does no more harm.

I feel that the owner should not be allowed to have her dog back under any circumstances because the animal has clearly demonstrated its danger to the public, and she has demonstrated the lack of responsibility to own it.

I am not happy with the city’s legal department. I advise the public that if your dog is attacked by another dog, the city is not going to be in your corner.