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Climate issues are big issue

We are a group of faithful Catholics in central Illinois concerned about the climate crisis. We are appealing to Catholics and others to consider the following.

In Pope Francis’ 2015 encyclical titled “Laudato Si,” he stated the following: “Climate change is a global problem with serious implications: environmental, social, economic, political. ... It represents one of the principal challenges facing humanity in our day.”

It has been said that we are the last generation that can take action to avoid severe consequences of climate change. We have great concern for the world we are leaving our children, grandchildren, the unborn and yet to be conceived. Climate change is the foundational pro-life issue of our time.

Bishop Robert McElroy of the Catholic Diocese of San Diego said the following at a Feb. 6 address at the University of San Diego: “The United States, which was once a leader in this effort, has under the current administration become the leader in resisting efforts to combat climate change and in denying its existence. As a consequence, the survival of the planet, which is the prerequisite for all human life, is at risk.”

In the upcoming election we urge all to consider candidates’ positions on climate change so that our nation will take immediate global leadership to avert the worst-case scenario that the climate crisis presents. Candidates’ environmental voting records can be examined at the League of Conservation Voters’ website,





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