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“Scare tactics are not evidence,” “Virus response is infuriating” — two recent headlines of Letters to The News Gazette — say a lot.

Scare tactics, spread by “news agencies,” exploit fear of the coronavirus, enticing people to believe contracting this pandemic flu to be a “death sentence.” In reality, to those who are relatively healthy, this virus is not much worse than the annual flu many people suffer through.

With inflated “death rates” and “contraction rates” of the coronavirus broadcast 24/7 and no mention of recovery rates, the fear is worse than reality.

Fear is destroying America’s record-breaking economy, threatening depression in people and the economy. Fear keeps governors from “allowing” businesses to reopen, causing business closures and unemployment many will not be able to recover from, destroying many people’s livelihoods.

When has it ever been government’s duty to keep hospitals and health facilities supplied with materials used in daily operations such as masks, shields and ventilators? Dr. Andrea Klein (4-26-20) thinks government has that responsibility and needs a “national pandemic office” to regulate and distribute supplies to health care facilities.

Remember the “ACA: we won’t know what is in it until its passed, Obama-care”? The massive taxes on all medical equipment drove much production of medical equipment overseas; aka: to China.

How do people like it now? What about the deficient KN95 masks China produced and sent to Europe and apparently to Illinois?

President Trump is trying to bring all production back to America, for Americans.