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County board made big mistake

Mahomet’s Sangamon Valley Public Water District is owned by the people it serves and supplies with water and sewer services.

In 1966, Mahomet did not offer water and sewer services to those north of I-74. All residential and commercial entities existed on private wells for water and septic fields or multi-flow systems for sewage.

The water district was started by local developer Olen G. “Bud” Parkhill and the Parkhill family. Harold Dorsett, a retired U.S. Army colonel, was the first general manager.

Land was purchased to drill wells for water, build a water tower and plant for purification and softening. Land for three lagoons and equipment for sewage treatment also was purchased.

Parkhill never owned the water district but has sat on the district’s board. In fact, the modern water treatment plant was named after him.

The Champaign County Board appoints the district’s board members. How is it possible that Parkhill, who has served 55 years on the board, has been denied his request for another five-year appointment?

He brought this greatly needed service to people and businesses north of I-74. His vast knowledge of its operations should not be cast aside.

The county board has made a terrible error by not reappointing Parkhill to a water district that serves an important and growing area of Mahomet.



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