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Carle has done it once again. I recently was a patient in its emergency department.

At one point, a patient was placed in the bed next to me. When asked her symptoms, she responded with all of the symptoms of COVID-19 that the public has been warned about.

They quickly moved her out of my room, but the exposure is there.

I tried to find out if I was exposed. The only thing I got was a runaround. A person took messages for the patient advisory nurse who hung up on me.

Another person in the emergency department said he could not release medical records, which I neither asked for nor want. He also said he had no way of knowing who had been in the room with me.

So, here I sit with errands to run, not knowing if I was exposed. It’s a good thing I believe in science and have been vaccinated and boosted.

So, Carle, thanks for nothing, I hope.



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