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COVID-19 vaccine is a lifesaver

As a nurse practitioner, I feel the need to correct misinformation regarding the COVID-19 vaccines. Tammy Tapley, author of an Aug. 29 Letter to the Editor, is entitled to her opinion, but the scientific fact is that vaccines are safe and effective.

Multiple health care associations came out on July 26 in support of the vaccination of all eligible community members. Trusted scientific journals, including the Journal of American Medical Association and The New England Journal of Medicine, shared data on the side effects of the 342 million doses of vaccine administered. This data is available for all to review and share. It is factual, timely and easy to read.

The American Medical Association, the Illinois Society of Advanced Practice Nurses and other health care associations addressed this issue before the mandate. These groups shared evidence and data supporting vaccinating the population as safe and effective against the virus. Vaccine mandates are accepted best practices in the health care industry. Our local hospitals and clinics require vaccines for employment. The COVID-19 vaccine is an addition to these requirements.

The COVID-19 vaccine is not the only way for many of us to continue employment. Testing is acceptable in many facilities. All employees are mandated to wear proper safety clothing, and masks and socially distance where it is feasible.

I suggest we all participate in truth-telling and not make opinion a fact. I was the recipient of many vaccines when I was a child in Africa. I continue to accept and appreciate vaccines. Vaccines are a lifesaver; the COVID-19 vaccine is no different.




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