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Criticism of GOP without merit

A recent letter by Luis Cuza asked the question, “Is the Republican Party becoming the fascist party?” Here’s my answer: “No, it is not.”

The Republicans are not trying to lock me in my home indefinitely. Democrats are.

The Republicans are not trying to keep laws in place that would require me to muzzle myself with a mask. Democrats are. The Republicans are not trying to distribute funds and grants by race and gender. Democrats are.

The Republicans are not threatening to sue or take children away from parents who think it’s unwise to shoot them up with chemicals that interfere with the natural development of their bodies. Democrats are.

Luis says that the Republicans are trying to introduce legislation to restrict voting and peaceful protesting.

Firstly, requiring ID to vote is not restricting voting. If you are OK with having an ID to drive, buy alcohol or even get admittance into certain government buildings, then you should be OK with requiring it to vote.

Secondly, saying that a person has the right to defend themselves against protesters who claim to be peaceful but end up shouting and hitting the person or their property is not restrictive. If a bunch of “peaceful” protesters crowd your car and start beating on it, you have the absolute right to drive off and not submit to the mob’s rage.

No, Republicans are not the new fascist party. However, the Democrats seem to be eager to take that mantle.



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