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Danos deserves another term

I read both auditor candidates’ questionnaire responses, and the first thought that came to mind is: Look at Illinois’ roads. Would we want to exchange the incumbent, George Danos, a certified public accountant, for a road engineer to do our county finances?

With the collapse of the treasurer’s office, it’s a good thing we have Danos safeguarding our county. Danos has cut turnaround time on yearly audits from more than a year to eight months and has gone beyond his regular duties by assuming the bank reconciliations for the treasurer’s office, keeping reporting on time.

Head Start and mental-health and workforce-development programs all obtain grants that depend on timely reporting. When his predecessor left the 2017 comprehensive annual financial report undone, Danos put in the late hours to get it issued in two weeks, putting a stop to the stop-pay warnings that were concealed from the public under one-party Republican rule.

Where Gary Maxwell thinks it’s a fine idea to forego health benefits and continuing professional education, Danos commits to protecting the grants that help make a full set of benefits possible for working families.

In a recent Letter to the Editor, an old Ohio colleague commended Maxwell for his administrative experience as a road engineer in Ohio in the ‘70s. (I think that was intended as praise.) By contrast, George Danos brings vigor, professional accounting skill and both the ability and willingness to step in when parallel offices were ailing.

The choice is clear: Re-elect Auditor George Danos!