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Urbana and Champaign have to proactively consider pedestrian safety in road design.

In October, when Urbana asked for comments on the 200 S. Vine development, I wrote to the city to express support for the project but concern for the safety of pedestrians crossing Main or Vine.

I wrote, "One thing that is abundantly clear if you spend enough time in Urbana as a resident is that crossing Vine, and to a lesser extent Main Street, represent a burden for pedestrians. ... I hope that as part of the development of 42 units (at 200 S. Vine), the city is planning to rethink the design of Vine and Main streets with pedestrians in mind."

Unfortunately, on April 11, my fears were confirmed when a woman was struck and killed by a driver.

Too often, changes that protect pedestrians are written in blood. When this preventable death leads to a needed redesign of Vine and Main, it will be yet another example.