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Don’t reduce post office funds

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit many business sectors hard, especially in rural areas. Now more than ever, The U.S. Postal Service is an essential service, delivering to suburban, urban and the most rural homes every day. It is not acceptable, humane or compassionate to cut its funding.

Rural homes are in need of food, medications, home goods and daily home essentials regardless of state closures. Now more than ever, the USPS has been the lifeline of many rural homes with little financial cushion due to lack of work. Our rural areas are generally underserved and the pandemic has exacerbated the lack of services in all sectors.

But the volume of mail and packages sent via the USPS has declined due to lack of advertisements and bulk mail negatively affecting its revenue. The decline is so drastic that USPS may run out of money this year if the federal government does not intervene.

This impact is especially bad and made worse in already poverty-stricken rural areas, which have few options for mail and other deliveries. For those who point to other delivery services (FedEx/Amazon/DHL), I point out the expense of delivery and the fact that many of these alternative delivery companies do not deliver in the most rural areas because it is not profitable. We are all in this pandemic together and not funding USPS would leave an already poor section of America unserved and disconnected.