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Double-check tax payments

The current Champaign County treasurer does not have the chops to do her job. Nor did her predecessor.

This was evident after my neighbor discovered a series of blunders by county officials that resulted in the mistaken sale of his property taxes. Though this gentleman paid the first and second installments of his 2019 taxes in 2020 as required, the former treasurer did not properly log the second installment as being paid, nor did she communicate this foul-up to my neighbor.

Instead, the former treasurer passed off this neighbor’s name and property tax to the county clerk’s office as delinquent, and a third party bought that debt at a November 2020 tax sale. Imagine living in your home for 44 years as a model citizen and finding out one day by serendipitous accident that you could have lost your property due to bureaucratic ineptitude by two treasurers and the clerk.

That’s exactly the dilemma my neighbor faced this summer after uncovering multiple missteps by public officials.

Property owners in Champaign County should know that basic quality-control measures to identify errors in the tax-collecting process are not in place. Therefore, it is incumbent upon every property owner to check the status of their property taxes by going to the Champaign County property tax inquiry website.

A very unpleasant surprise may await some of the citizens of Champaign County who trust these bureaucrats to competently collect their taxes.



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