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It’s that time of year for the annual Champaign Central Music Boosters fruit sale. The program is selling oranges, grapefruit and Curtis Orchard apples to help fundraise for ongoing needs of the program.

Four options are also available for donation. If fruit is not your thing, you can choose to donate money directly to the music program or a box of oranges to Feeding our Kids, Eastern Illinois Foodbank or Daily Bread Soup Kitchen.

This is the biggest fundraiser of the year and helps support orchestra, chorus, marching band, three concert bands, three jazz bands and two jazz combos. Central’s long history of excellence in music education actively changes lives. No student is turned away from any program.

As needed, instruments are provided to students. Marching band students borrow French horns, marching baritones, sousaphones and all percussion equipment each year.

There are new students to music each year in all programs. This year, there are eight bass players in the orchestra, and thanks to fundraisers like this, all students can use a school-owned upright bass.

Would you be inclined to help the teenagers at Champaign Central that are involved in expanding their learning and working together in a vibrant music community? If you don’t have a local Central music student within your reach, you can order directly at Any questions can be asked via our email: The sale ends Nov. 15.