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In today’s world, efficiency is so often the priority. Rarely do we see the time taken to consider the implications of our approach. The integration of a “soft interview room” is a perfect example of pausing to make a consideration for someone else.

In September, Netflix released a mini-series titled “Unbelievable.” In the mini-series, it very accurately depicts the traumatic experience, not only of sexual assault but the experience of reporting such an assault.

Knowing that this simple accommodation can make such an experience easier is a step in the right direction.

The mini-series also depicts two approaches to the interview process of a sexual assault victim. We see the victim asked to re-live the traumatic event numerous times. Lapses in the victim’s story lead the investigator to victim-blaming, and as such we see that the reporting process of the assault becomes an extension of the traumatic event.

Coupling this soft interview room with trauma-informed interviewing will assuredly make strides toward assisting victims through such a difficult experience.

As a society, it’s important to continually refine our approach to justice. This simple gesture, as articulated, humanizes a formally medicinal process. It conveys the care our justice system has for victims.