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Give thanks

for your life

The annual Thanksgiving celebration reminds us to give thanks. Everyone reading this is blessed to have been born. Unfortunately, 2,400 pre-born babies won’t have that blessing today as their lives will be taken through abortion.

The right to life is our most basic right. Without it, every other right is meaningless. There is no need for freedom of religion if you are not alive to practice any religion or for freedom of speech if you are not alive to speak.

Tens of millions of Americans recently voted for candidates who fought to out-do each other’s radical abortion support. Tens of millions voted to allow killing pre-born babies throughout all nine months of pregnancy.

The abortion industry fully endorsed Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Naturally, it wants to protect its $200 million-plus annual income from abortion.

Biden formerly supported the Hyde Amendment, which prevents forcing taxpayers to pay for abortion. He now believes Americans should be forced to fund abortions, despite legally protected rights such as freedom of religion. Many people object to abortion as it violates deeply held religious beliefs.

When readers give thanks next week, I urge them to give thanks for their lives and consider the impact if they had never been born on their family members, friends, co-workers and community. Any one of us could have been aborted and had our life eradicated at its very beginning.



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