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GOP awful, vote straight Dem

The GOP is a minority party governing a majority of people who disagree with their policies. Over the past 30 years, the Democratic candidate for president has won the popular vote six out of seven elections. The Republicans’ only goal is to retain power rather than to govern effectively. That’s what you need to do if you’re a minority party.

Fox News is basically a state-run propaganda tool with the president phoning in on a regular basis. They’ve argued in court that Fox personality Tucker Carlson is “not stating actual facts” and can therefore not be held accountable for his unhinged defense of the president.

The GOP has hijacked the judicial branch of the government. The Republican Senate shut down the judicial confirmation process two years before Obama’s term was up. This flew in the face of the “Thurmond Rule,” which turned off the process in July of an election year.

They stole Obama’s Supreme Court pick using a fake excuse that the next elected president should make the appointment. This was 11 months before the end of Obama’s term, but today, it only takes a couple weeks.

The Republican administration has already cast doubt on the validity of the election. We know that Democrats are three times more likely to vote by mail. The results on election night will probably be different than the actual results. They will use that to cry foul, but it will be a lie to try to stay in power.

Vote “Dem” for “democracy,” please.