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Gov. J.B. Pritzker and his Democratic supporters have forgotten to read the Constitution about how our court system operates.

First, it would be impossible to convict an accused criminal at trial if that defendant did not have a lawyer on hand to protect his rights.

Jurors determine the verdict, not the defense attorney. If the prosecutor cannot provide sufficient evidence proving a defendant’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, the jury must and will find the defendant not guilty.

Of course, the problem of increased criminal violence has nothing to do with defense attorneys. The new bail laws and “woke” prosecutors have released criminals to repeat their violent activities.

Pritzker signed a law that will abolish cash bail. Our state could become another California if the law goes into effect without any changes.

The governor is fearful that a Black mayor could defeat him in November. So he is meddling in the Republican primary, attempting to get one of the other two candidates as the winner.

Pritzker will not stop his bogus commercials because I wrote this letter. I hope Republican voters will recognize his falsehoods and will select the GOP candidate they feel has the best opportunity to defeat Pritzker.



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