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I recently watched an interview on WCIA-TV where a News-Gazette subscriber was asked his opinion about the newspaper’s bankruptcy and sale. His only comment was to complain that he had prepaid for his newspaper and that with the elimination of the Monday edition, he should be reimbursed for those days.

I also prepay for the newspaper, but a reimbursement never crossed my mind. Instead, I am very grateful to the decision-makers at The News-Gazette whose foresight has made it possible for subscribers to seamlessly continue receiving the printed newspaper.

There couldn’t have been a better outcome than an in-state newspaper business buying The News-Gazette.

Having worked at The News-Gazette many years ago, I am sad for employees who lost their jobs and for the end of the Stevick era. But I am so thankful for the lifeline that has been given to subscribers to continue receiving the same services as in the past.