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Thanks to the Future Energy Jobs Act of 2016, we are hiring hundreds of high-wage solar installers. We will be quadrupling business in our solar division this year.

But Illinois' renewable energy future is at a crossroads. As a solar employee, I'm carefully watching the actions of state legislators over these next few weeks.

Illinois' solar industry has seen huge growth since the 2016 passage of the Future Energy Jobs Act, creating good jobs such as mine.

However, unless House and Senate leadership approves new renewable energy legislation soon, this growth could slow significantly.

Without the Path to 100 legislation, 800 shovel-ready solar projects may never see the light of day.

Illinois citizens support more investment in solar energy, for its health and economic benefits alike. However, the increasing demand for solar means allocated funds are running out faster than anticipated.

Unless lawmakers act soon, the state's renewable energy industry will soon grind to a halt, with a serious impact to my job security and that of other solar employees across the state.

The Path to 100 Act, proposed by Rep. Will Davis and Sen. Bill Cunningham, will continue job growth around the state. Illinois lawmakers should vote for this commonsense proposal or other legislation including this same language, into law.

Continuing to provide access to the benefits of solar and energy storage for the people of Illinois is the right thing to do.