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Gun violence not new in C-U

The flagrant use of guns in Champaign-Urbana is nothing new. When I was first assistant state’s attorney under Larry Johnson 54 years ago, we faced similar violence generated by the illegal use of guns.

University Ford was practically run out of business by the violence; a cab driver was shot in the back of the head; and our sheriff, Russell Chaney, was kidnapped by two violent prisoners who were being held on robbery and gun charges.

Champaign police Officer Robert Tatman was fatally shot with his own weapon in 1967. The case remains unsolved. Additionally, riots caused by anti-war protests were commonplace. The illegal use of drugs was becoming more commonplace.

Today, police are facing an even greater danger generated by Black Lives Matter who have rationalized that it is appropriate to forcibly resist lawful arrest. The group today has funding support from corporations listed on the New York Stock Exchange and also significant support from some members of Congress, the vice president and the Democratic Party. Even more despicable, if a business protests Black Lives Matter, they may find their business or home destroyed.



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