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How will Londrigan vote on issues?

Congressman Rodney Davis has always supported and voted for patient-centered health care plans that lower premiums, cover existing conditions and lower drug costs.

With that issue out of the way — the only one that his opponent has commented on — we need Betsy Londrigan to state where she stands on other issues — rioting as protest, defunding the police, outlawing coal plants, freedom of speech, adding additional members to the Supreme Court, open borders, free health care for all illegal immigrants, reparations, statehood for Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico and elimination of the Electoral College.

Londrigan has received funds from national Democratic organizations that have either supported or failed to condemn the violence that has crushed so many and policies that would irreversibly damage our great country.

In Congress, Londrigan will have to vote on these issues. We need to know now how she will vote.