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Most Americans agree protecting children from potential harm is something we should all support. The Food & Drug Administration recently proposed graphic new warning labels for cigarettes, and Illinois law prevents the sale of vaping products and cigarettes to those under 21.

Yet one political party consistently advocates directly for harming children on a massive scale by pushing for more abortion access. Every single Democratic presidential candidate supports abortion — not for choice, just for abortion.

This is an important distinction. Many people pretend they only support choice, but that would need to include all options, not just the only one that ends with the unborn baby’s intentional death.

Illinois legislators passed some horrific abortion legislation this past year, including making partial-birth abortion legal. They now seek to overturn the Parental Notice of Abortion Act. Current law, which includes safeguards for potential abuse or incest, requires that parents be notified if their child is going to have an abortion — a dangerous medical/surgical procedure.

Parents don’t need to give consent; the law says they do need to be notified. But the Illinois abortion lobby thinks even more minors should have abortions without a parent even being notified.

Shouldn’t the desire to protect children include defenseless pre-born babies and minors seeking a dangerous medical procedure?