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The Washington Post has now totaled President Donald Trump’s lies at 18,000 and counting. So many people assume that what Trump says is a lie until they check to see if there is any truth. At a recent press conference, we even questioned his mental state when he suggested injecting disinfectants to control the coronavirus.

This president’s problem with the truth is evident when he fires our nation’s government watchdogs. That number now stands at five. Recently, Congress appointed a watchdog to ensure that the stimulus money was being spent correctly. Trump fired him before he even started the job.

Trump thinks distortion is a normal and acceptable part of doing business. At one press conference, he tells the world that the governors are doing a great job controlling the coronavirus. Hours later, he is tweeting his supporters to liberate Michigan, Minnesota and Virginia, thus undermining those states’ governors.

Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic will go down in the history books as one of our great failures. He was at least two months late responding to the virus and then reluctant to allow science to dictate a response. This explains why the U.S., a country with 5 percent of the world’s population, has nearly a third of the world’s deaths and infections.

The amount of damage that Trump has done to our standing in the world is unprecedented. We can only hope that he will lose the election, thus restoring some dignity to the office of the presidency.