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According to Mitch McConnell, Democrats have cut Trump’s lawyers “out of the impeachment process in an unprecedented way.”

Trump’s insisting he is being denied his due process rights.

Wrong on both counts, Trump and McConnell being very adept practitioners of misinformation.

In fact, the U.S. Constitution seems to indicate that a president has no rights in an impeachment inquiry. It’s a political proceeding, not criminal.

Frank Bowman, professor of law at the University of Missouri, writes, “As a matter of law, a president has essentially no claim to any kind of participation in the impeachment process.”

The present House resolution is very similar to the one passed during the Nixon and Clinton hearings, and when the process gets to the House Judiciary Committee, Trump’s lawyers can suggest and question witnesses and request evidence. The biggest difference in this resolution is that it specifies the Trump administration willingly cooperate in providing testimony, witnesses and documents.

Trump has, of course, issued a blanket refusal to cooperate, blocking many witnesses from testifying and attempting to block them all. There is no reason to believe the president will soon change his stance on cooperation.

Trump’s accusations of the impeachment process being unfair are just another attempt by a dishonest president to convince his “true believers” that he is being persecuted. Again, the impeachment process was constitutionally designed to be unfair, the Constitution being a document with which this president is so obviously unfamiliar. After all, he doesn’t read.