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The facts don’t matter. The truth doesn’t matter. Forget the Ukraine scandal for a moment and just imagine a country where the president is fined $2 million for stealing from charity and nobody cares. You live there.

Many Trump supporters, mostly the rich, the racists, the rubes “[a]nd some, I assume, are good people” (Trump, 2015) believe he was chosen by divine intervention. Some expect an armed uprising should he be removed after impeachment or suffer an electoral defeat. His supporters have gone politically insane.

Regardless of the 2020 outcome, roughly 50 percent of the electorate will not accept the election results. Democrats will find Trump illegitimate because his electoral victory would mark the fifth of the last six elections a Republican loses the popular vote, yet two of them still served as president.

Voter suppression in its many guises and foreign interference are almost certain. Republicans will find their loss illegitimate because, well, they’re insane with hatred. Better Trump resign now or be removed prior to the 2020 election.