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Israel oppresses Palestinians

The Palestinian-Israeli conflict represents the continuation of the 1948 Israeli policy to eliminate Palestinians from their historic homeland. Arabs call this policy Nakba (“catastrophe” in Arabic).

In 1948, the United Nations authorized the formation of the states of Palestine and Israel from a territory controlled by Britain since World War I. This territory had 1.27 million Arabs and 630,000 Jews.

Immediately, Israel opened its borders to Jews only. It also militarily deported over 750,000 Arabs and took their properties. In 1967, Israel conquered the West Bank and Gaza and evicted another 300,000 Arabs. Since then, tens of thousands have been killed or jailed, and their homes, hospitals, schools, mosques and utility systems destroyed.

Recently, the Israeli government intensified evictions of Arabs from East Jerusalem. Then, on April 13, the Israeli military invaded the Al-Aqsa Mosque with stunt grenades and tear gas during religious services. Furthermore, the Israeli military protected Jewish extremists as they harassed, destroyed properties of and threatened Arabs with chants of “Death to Arabs.”

The battle escalated with rockets being fired from the Gaza Strip, killing 10 Israelis.

The might of Israeli military has already killed over 200 Arabs and destroyed homes, roads and more.

What would the U.S. do if conditions were reversed and the Arabs held the military superiority, and Jews were being oppressed?

Wouldn’t it be best if the U.S. stopped giving Israel $4 billion annually, stop using its U.N. veto power to maintain Israel’s colonization of Palestine, and allowed the U.N. to lead negotiations for peace in the region?



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