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Gosling Gaggle Murderers. Once the decision was made in addressing the overpopulation of the geese at Crystal Lake Park, I took my first drive from the south entrance through the park.

I waited patiently for a very large family of soft, inquisitive, hungry goslings and their two caretakers, and I think a huge mistake is being made in choosing a death sentence to a species that respects family and parentage and coupling.

My only question to those that voted to kill: Was one of them the person driving the loud vehicle that honked incessantly to make a family move faster, then spun your tires through the gaggle?

The only thing I wondered about was ... has blood been spilled already?

Yes, there is an issue. Address it differently now. Visit the geese now.

It is graduation time. You want to admire a young man or woman that appears to be making some freedom from family. A gosling will be graduating next.