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I appreciate Gov. Pritzker keeping us up to date on the COVID-19 situation. I truly believe we have great medical staffs and facilities capable of performing above and beyond to mitigate this event.

What I find offensive is the governor taking every opportunity to blame President Trump for any manner of things. Illinois has two Democratic Senators, 13 Democratic and five Republican U.S. Representatives.

The Democrats have a majority in the House. Why not ask them why Illinois is not getting the supplies the governor has requested? Could it be that Illinois has requested more than they needed? In the top 10 states with identified cases, Illinois ranks fifth with less than 4 percent of known cases.

New York, Washington, New Jersey and California combined have 81 percent of the top 10 states’ cases. I know that the federal government has stockpiles of almost everything needed for catastrophic events, but I also trust it to make allocations based on need.

Sen. Durbin said this morning “Now is not the time for partisanship.”

I agree. Prove it.