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Let’s focus on the vulnerable

We have strayed from our original COVID-19 response to protect the most vulnerable.

We have the tool to protect them. Give them a vaccine shot. We should be addressing them through the media.

Identify the factors that put them at risk for serious ailments and even death. Prove to them the vaccines are safe with testimonials by people throughout the community. Do not issue ultimatums. Be gentle and encouraging.

No one who has not been vaccinated is morally wrong. The most vulnerable people are the ones in hospital beds. Their number is so much smaller than the 70 million unvaccinated.

Get out to the nursing homes and ensure all residents have access to the vaccine. Contact the churches to identify any shut-ins who may not be vaccinated and arrange to vaccinate those who will take it. Get neighbors to talk to neighbors and encourage vaccination of these at-risk friends.

Create a sign that businesses can display that lists the physical issues of the most vulnerable. People will recognize that they are vulnerable. The sign should include directions on getting a free vaccination.

Eliminate mask requirements for those who have been vaccinated. It will show that the vaccine is beneficial and effective.



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