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It’s all the same lie. For my entire life, my government has lied repeatedly about pretty much every war it has engaged in.

There are variations on the theme, but generally it goes like this: Some country somewhere, or some evil dictator, has misbehaved. Maybe the country has dared to embrace leftist ideals, or maybe the dictator has engaged in alleged atrocities.

To the rescue is the United States, conveniently ignoring its own history of slavery and genocide. It has raised the most powerful (and most expensive) military machine in the world. It sends these forces all over, wrecking countries and leaving bodies strewn in the wake.

This pattern is fueled by absurd tales, and the American public embraces them, time after time: Iraqi soldiers ripping babies from incubators in Kuwait; vicious attacks on American forces in the Gulf of Tonkin; vast stores of weapons of mass destruction hidden in Iraq.

All were untrue, but effective in setting the course for more war. The press cheer leads, and the U.S. Congress is fine with it all, in bed as they are with the military/industrial complex, which President Eisenhower warned us against over 50 years ago. When one candidate, Tulsi Gabbard, speaks out against these wars, she is immediately smeared as a Russian asset by war monger Hillary Clinton.

And now, Iran. Our two great criminal allies in the region, Israel and Saudi Arabia, have been itching for this fight. And the U.S. won’t let them down.