Lions Club aims to help

You may be used to seeing the members of the Lions Club in the traditional yellow with the lion’s head as an emblem and a container to receive funds from people shopping. You responded again. A special thanks to the public for the support for the Lions Club Candy Day fundraiser.

The Club was outside the County Market, Harvest Market, Walmart of Savoy, and Sam’s Club. The effort is to raise funds for all of our main effort of buying glasses for those who have the need but cannot afford them. These funds also pay for other efforts to serve the community such as buying hearing aid other activities for our community.

This is to thank you for your cooperation in allowing the Champaign Lions Club to solicit funds at your facilities. Because of your cooperation, we have raised nearly $3,000. That money will be used in the charities of our club.

As you are most likely aware, the Champaign Lions Club is dedicated in assisting with sight. We buy glasses for those who cannot afford them. We recycle glasses to go around the world. We provide screening for children for “lazy eye” syndrome and recommend further care. All of this is in addition to the many other eleemosynary activities of the Lions.

With these funds, we will be able to provide glasses requested from many areas in Champaign County. We typically buy between two and seven pairs a month. The public and these businesses have helped make this possible.



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