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Local water

beats bottled

My wife and I are regular walkers in our southeast Urbana neighborhood adjacent to Philo Road.

The area to the north of us is often included on those walks. Of the materials that are included in Urbana’s curbside recycling collection, aluminum is the most valuable. Thus, it is regularly my habit to pick up aluminum beverage cans to sweeten our weekly pickup.

On our walks, we notice a great number of discarded plastic containers for bottled water. I must admit that this puzzles me. Our water, as many C-U residents are aware, comes from the Mahomet-Teays Aquifer, which lies below our area.

Having traveled a bit around this good Earth, including as a former mayor of Champaign, I have found our water as tasty as the best. I do not know where the water came from in those empty plastic discarded bottles, and neither do the folks who bought them at the store.

While they are collected for recycling, the only value is to keep them out of landfills, as they are only marginally sale-able, if at all.

The thought here is, why would it not be preferable for folks to fill their drinking water from the tap in reusable, refillable plastic bottles with our local outstanding water, coming from a source we know, instead of going to the trouble of buying water from elsewhere, at greater expense, in the throwaways at the grocery store?

That’s something for us to think about this Earth Month.



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