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Mandates are

the best way to go

In a recent op-ed piece, 84 school superintendents argue that “mandates regarding masks and vaccinations are merely the headlines and excuses of the moment in an incremental dismantling of local control in public education ...”

That seems to me to miss the point of all this. The mandates are part of a well-planned response to a public-health crisis. It would be both fair and wise to evaluate how well they have accomplished their intended purposes. The op-ed did not contribute to that conversation, instead focusing on concerns about “top-down” decisions impacting our rights.

I would argue that sometimes, top-down decisions are exactly what’s needed. Sure, some problems are local in origin and impact. Those problems respond well to a local solution. A pandemic isn’t local. That clever virus can hitch a ride with anyone going anywhere and create a lot of mayhem on arrival. Because the problem is universal, solutions must be universally applied.

As for giving up our rights ... since 9/11, anyone flying must submit to a thorough search of their body and their belongings. We accept this limitation on our privacy rights because we believe it helps prevent another terrorist attack. We accept the inconvenience in order to reduce risk to our lives.

Why are we finding it so difficult to apply that lesson to wearing masks and taking shots?



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