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Producers should ditch plastic

Recently, Rob Nash of the Illinois Beverage Association wrote a letter indicating his organization has a “strong commitment to sustainability and recycling programs.”

I emailed the organization that very day, eager to learn more.

I wondered what percentage of each bottle is made with recycled plastic and what they are doing to establish and maintain recycling operations even when not immediately profitable. I have received no response.

The calamity of plastic is that producers have convinced the public that somehow we should shoulder the burden of their poor packaging choices. Less than 9 percent of plastic is recycled in the U.S.

Our oceans, rivers and very cells are filling with plastic.

While I encourage you to still recycle for the low impact we are seeing, we must also pressure manufacturers to alter their packaging and/or lean much more into the recycling process. I also encourage you to avoid plastic whenever possible.

We have lovely water in Champaign. Enjoy it in a reusable water bottle. Buy eggs, detergent and milk in cardboard cartons. I also use bar shampoo, reusable takeout containers, stainless-steel straws, etc.



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