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Mask compliance not uniform

It’s great that performance venues have opened up after so many months.

These venues post signs at the entrance: “Masks are required at all times.”

This is reassuring to those of us in attendance. And it has been disappointing to see that some people do not abide by this.

At a recent Krannert Center performance, ushers were spending time reminding patrons to wear their masks properly (over their noses) as is required by the University of Illinois.

An usher said in the first part of a performance, he had spoken to many people, many of them more than once, because masks were worn under their noses.

And more recently, at the wonderful Champaign Urbana Symphony Orchestra concert at Faith Methodist Church, I was again faced with the distraction of so many people not adhering to the rule which keeps all of us safer.

In fact, at that particular concert, three individuals sat in the front row with no masks whatsoever while a number of others wore their masks improperly. Ushers and others should not have to be enforcers of the rules posted at the door. It is because of these sensible and easy rules that we are able to once again enjoy live performances.



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