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Medical charge

off the charts

I was alarmed by my last statement from Carle. For a routine osteoporosis treatment, an injection of Prolia, the fee was $6,079.96. Of this, $270 was the charge for administering the injection. Of the remainder, Medicare was billed and paid, $5,890.96. After insurance, I was charged $179.42.

I looked up the cost of a Prolia injection. It is as little as $1,300. The pharmacist at Walgreens told me that with a prescription from my doctor, they would charge $1,625, including a syringe.

I intend to ask my doctor to write a prescription for Prolia from Walgreens for my next dose in six months.

In my experience, this is blatant evidence of a pervasive predatory billing practice by Carle. I have written my concern to CEO James C. Leonard and have not received a response.

My greatest concern is that this unjustifiable overbilling bleeds the Medicare system and health care for all.

I urge all patients at Carle to look carefully at its billing practices and seek alternative treatments wherever possible.




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