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Financial stability is one of the most important aspects of a college student’s well-being.

Seeing that I have been a college student for a while, I started to think about the financial aspects of being a student, and how it might affect other college students as they first enter adulthood.

Students are typically introduced to independence from their parents, as well as financial freedom their freshman year.

They’re eventually presented with invitations to go out and eat, party and shop.

Though going out and having fun is one aspect of being in college, managing expenses are another aspect most do not thoroughly think about.

Since I’m an experienced student, here are some tips on saving money while in college.

— Don’t buy brand new textbooks. Check online for used textbooks. Amazon and Chegg are reliable sites that sell used textbooks.

Also, check your school’s library; they sometimes allow students to rent textbooks for a period of time.

— Always keep your student ID handy. Certain clothing stores, tech companies and local restaurants and chains offer discounts to students; so when shopping or eating, make sure to ask before ordering.

— If possible, get a part-time campus job. The hours are pretty flexible, and they usually accommodate class schedules. It’s a good way to start resume building while making extra cash.

— Finally, students should further look into scholarships and grants. The extra aid could give them the cushion needed to thrive in school.

Don’t stress, have fun and get good grades.