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Mike Woods' recent letter about travel being educational, in this case a trip he took to Iceland, is, well, educational.

According to Mike, among Icelandic attributes most impressing him were police not carrying guns, the country having no standing Army, having a high rate of renewable energy production and having a free medical care and public education system.

Laudable attributes, all. But then he spoils everything by infusing his tortured politics into it to make our country appear villainous in comparison. And, oh golly heck, it's all that lying Trump's fault.

How about a little perspective here:

Iceland is a tiny island country with a population close to that of Tampa, Fla., and the land mass of about the state of Kentucky.

Demographically, it's predominately northern European and enjoys a high rate of gun ownership, the latter used mostly for sports and hunting. Sociologically, self-defense is not seen as much of an issue.

As such, there appears little need for armed police. Nor for a standing Army, as NATO membership more than fills their national defense needs. Guess who helps with that? Free health care and education anyone?

Last, renewable energy. Ninety percent of buildings heated with geothermal is fantastic. It's also convenient the country sits on the Ring of Fire, a meeting of tectonic plates that supplies ample amounts of underground super heat.

Hydro accounts for most of the rest, all conveniently keeping Iceland's considerable aluminum production industry healthy — environmentally, not so healthy.

But that's probably all Trump's fault, too.