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We share the concern of many others with the information in Ben Zigterman’s Oct. 8 News-Gazette article that Fox Development CEO Andrea Ruedi has proposed moving the University’s Swine Research Laboratory to the corner of Curtis Road and Race Street.

Having lived near that facility in the past, we can confirm that the center presents a “considerable smell deterrent” to its neighbors, the 2017 quote attributed in that article to Research Park Executive Director Laura Frerichs.

It is astounding to think that the University of Illinois and Fox Development have not considered how the quality of life and the diminishment of property values will be affected by siting an atmospheric polluting swine facility to within half a mile of the Yankee Ridge subdivision, and a mile of Meadowbrook Park, Clark Lindsey Village and Stone Creek Church.

If this facility must be on Race Street, please move it further south beyond the Beef and Sheep Research Laboratory.