Must recall Lincoln’s words

Sometimes what we read leaves us in a state of awe of the message.

That’s the case of Jon Meacham’s recent Time magazine article, “How our greatest president saved our democracy and we can too.”

His relevant message should be read by all.

Meacham explained how Abraham Lincoln, confronted by a divided country, took a moral versus a political stance to preserve the principles of the Declaration of Independence.

The thoughts of the North and the South were political in nature, by mere men, while the moral code stressed a higher plane of right versus wrong, as one’s conscience of innate human experience of a higher order tells one.

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Here’s an example. Lincoln said, “As I would not be a slave, so I would not be a master.” It’s similar to the Golden Rule.

Meacham goes on to talk of Lincoln’s idea that politics divorced from conscience is fatal to the American experiment. This lesson is essential for us today.

He went on to say that when an element within the nation seeks its own power over any other, that element must be confronted. So it seems our actions of confrontations are following our own conscientious moral code and working to preserve our democracy. It’s quite likely the good Lord instills right over wrong in each of us and influences our acts.

Meacham emphasizes that Lincoln stressed that members of various factions are not enemies, but friends. We are all Americans striving to share a moral vision about poverty, liberty, justice, security, all in harmony. So be it.


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