Must reject racist claims

Wow, according to news accounts, Carol and Aaron Ammons publicly announced that the late Scott Bennett’s Illinois Senate seat should be filled based on race — by Carol Ammons, of course.

No other contender for the seat expressed that racist view.

Aaron Ammons made a thinly veiled threat of violence “to battle this new generation of Whites” if the seat was not filled based on race.

It would be politically incorrect and racist to label African American people in a group, to say “this new generation of Blacks.” Yet Aaron Ammons has no trouble making such racist statements.

Federal and state employment laws forbid employment discrimination.

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The people of Illinois are not the “employers” of legislators. But we pay their salaries, and we expect them to be nondiscriminatory, nonthreatening and politically correct in speech if they want the privilege of representing the people.

Carol and Aaron Ammons spoke publicly in a disrespectful, racist manner, and their words shame Illinois and Champaign County. Hopefully, people who express racist ideals will be voted out of office and not given appointments based on race.

I believe the nonracist phrase is “Throw the bums out.”



St. Joseph

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