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No respect is no surprise

C-U’s violent crime increase, with 12 shooting deaths so far this year, and a five-fold increase in homicides from 2019 to 2020, is due to many factors.

They include the fatally misguided defund-the-police movement, victimizing of felons and the decrease in prosecution of violent criminals. However, we often overlook another relevant factor — abortion.

How can we raise children and young adults to believe that killing the most defenseless among us — pre-born babies — is OK, even something to be celebrated, and then expect them to also respect the lives of other fellow human beings?

Recently, disgraced New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo celebrated signing that state’s horrific 2019 pro-abortion legislation (intentionally coinciding with the Roe v. Wade anniversary) by ordering the One World Trade Center building to be lit up pink in honor of Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider.

Illinois passed its own horrific pro-abortion legislation in June 2019, after a very dishonest and unethical process, in which they disregarded the overwhelming number of witness slips filed against this bill. Illinois’ bill, considered even more “progressive” than N.Y., includes language to legalize partial-birth abortion despite it being illegal nationwide. The U.S. Supreme Court upheld the illegality of partial-birth abortion in 2007, but Illinois Democrats think we need even more gruesome and painful abortion procedures.

For violent crime to decrease, we must start by recognizing the value of every human being’s life, including babies at the earliest stages of their life’s development. If some lives don’t matter, no one’s life matters.



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