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Champaign County Board rules require civil behavior. However, at the December 2019 board meeting, Jim Goss, the Republican leader, was waving his arms and yelling, “the Treasurer!, the Treasurer!” — behavior that would not be tolerated in nursery school.

When I served on the county board (1972-1976), Republicans outnumbered Democrats 16 to 11. Personal attacks were unheard of. We treated each other civilly and with good humor and got a lot done.

I have a long record of excellent financial management, saving taxpayers millions of dollars. As county auditor (1976-1992), Champaign County was the first local government to win national awards for excellence in both budgeting and financial reporting.

I initiated reforms such as self-funding for workers’ compensation, saving taxpayers millions of dollars over the years. Later adoption by both Urbana and Champaign has saved additional millions.

I invite Goss to list any savings he has made for taxpayers or any ideas he has for improvements.

I hope county board members will take to heart the importance of treating others with respect and start enforcing their rules of civility. There will always be differences of opinion. But bullying and personal attacks should not go unchallenged.


County treasurer