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It is painfully obvious that America is divided, much like the division in the late 1960s over Vietnam. But now it is much different.

Now the division is complicated by the opposite sides having completely differing realities — two differing sets of “facts.” Back then most people had the same basic facts.

Ask someone about the Mueller report. What they believe the Mueller report’s conclusions are will tell you what their political affiliations are. Those who have read the report know what Mueller’s conclusions are. But many believe the conclusions are different than what is obviously stated.

The Horowitz inspector general’s report recently came out.

While driving home, I listened to a radio pundit explaining the Horowitz report’s conclusions were the exact opposite of the actual conclusions.

If Americans have two completely different realities, they will never understand their political opponents. We must not get our news only from sources that confirm our bias, we must fact check.

When we do, it will become clear that one side is dealing with facts while the other not so much. It’ll become clear only if one fact-checks with an open mind.