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Parks, preserves great to visit

PBS recently aired Ken Burns’ “The National Parks: America’s Best Idea.”

The six-episode series highlights our national park system and the role of John Muir, Theodore Roosevelt and many others who realized the importance of protecting our natural areas. Millions of people visit these parks every year hoping to experience the beauty of our preserved natural world.

We must not forget it took perseverance, legislation and support to keep these parks viable and available to all people.

Champaign County has six forest preserves that cover more than 4,000 acres of space, including lakes, forests, prairies, trails and natural areas to enjoy. Our preserves provide comfort and beauty to all those who visit.

I’m comforted to know I can go to any of the preserves and enjoy a walk along a trail or lakefront and see deer, birds and wildlife.

I can visit the museum and interpretive center for a bit of education on the history of Champaign County, learn the names of trees and wildflowers and sign up for a lecture or program to expand my knowledge.

The forest preserves provide peaceful respite in these troubling times. I’ve made it a priority to volunteer at and support these special areas. Nature is an essential part of our lives. I hope to keep it that way.