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I write regarding the editorial cartoon in the Dec. 28 paper.

We’re supposed to believe that the House is the strong one when its case against President Trump is based on a highly discredited dossier and a bogus FISA warrant?

None of the witnesses the Democrats brought forward in their partisan trial in the House could name one impeachable offense that President Trump committed.

The one fact-based witness, he being the only one who actually talked to the president, even admitted that the president had said he wanted no quid pro quo. The others all gave their opinions based on their dislike for Trump.

It’s hard to believe that Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are operating from a position of strength when the charges they finally brought were so weak — abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.

That’s the best they could do? And we were also told that the president is an imminent threat to the country and must be removed sooner rather than later. Heaven forbid letting the voters decide in November.

I find it highly amusing every time I hear the Speaker Pelosi talk about the Republicans in the Senate being too biased. As if the Speaker and the Democrats are not? Now they think they can tell the Senate what to do.

Which party is actually obstructing by not letting the process play out as it should? This whole impeachment farce is a waste of time and taxpayer money.