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Please, be advised on COVID-19

Veronica Wolski died last month from COVID-19. She was a Chicago resident, QAnon adherent, anti-vaccination activist and promoter of ivermectin for treating COVID-19.

I could dismiss her misfortune as bad karma, a Darwin Award winner. Rex Huppke’s Sept. 13 column in the Chicago Tribune, “Amid ivermectin hysteria, QAnon supporter Veronica Wolski died of COVID-19. But conspiracies helped kill her,” describes her death in a much more human and insightful manner. This should — repeat, should — resonate with all of us.

Huppke writes: “But her death should give us all pause. She died of COVID-19, but she was killed in part by opportunistic nonsense-peddlers and their addictive patter of lies. That siren song led the 64-year-old to her grave, while doing harm to others along the way.”

“Clearly, Wolski was lost to this world of lies and manipulation. But she certainly isn’t the only one who paid a price. By making Wolski a celebrity for their cause, the anti-vaccine crowd will now use her as a martyr, pushing more people away from commonsense behavior.”

Huppke concludes: “Don’t roll your eyes at Wolski’s death. Use whatever platform you have to spread facts and denounce conspiracy theories. Don’t tolerate this poison or anyone who spreads it, whether it’s a politician or a pundit or a family member or a friend. Don’t assume this too shall pass. Because even if it does, people will go down with it. Wolski proved that as she drew her final breath.”

Please, read the entire column.



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