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Politicians show lack of courage

We are witnessing remarkable political cowardice. All but four Republican Senators have failed to recognize that President-elect Joe Biden, with 5.6 million more popular votes than President Donald Trump and 306 Electoral College votes (including Georgia), has won the election.

Supporting the delay in presidential transition processes and collaborating with Trump’s doubts about the election is manifestly unpatriotic and cowardly.

On the state level,

the willingness of our Illinois Democratic House members to continue their support of ethically challenged Speaker Michael Madigan is a comparable act of political cowardice that is a disservice to the citizens of Illinois; Madigan bears more responsibility and blame for the state’s disastrous economic condition than any other politician in Illinois.

Please write or phone your state representative and promise to withhold your votes or financial support for representatives who vote to re-elect Madigan as House speaker.



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