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Not satisfied to simply turn our state into a haven for dope smokers, Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s new law legalizing marijuana introduces state-orchestrated discrimination into the mix. And it is a very bizarre discrimination indeed.

As reported in The News-Gazette on Nov. 3, it is not enough to simply make getting stoned legal, there has to be a “social equity” component to awarding pot store licenses. In this case, Pritzker’s chosen winners in the who-gets-to-profit-off-pot sweepstakes include dopers who were convicted of violating our state’s drug laws.

And as a sweetener, applicants get favored treatment on the way to an entrepreneurial high if at least half of their staff are dopers with dope-based criminal records.

Brilliant. The ideological quest for “social equity” has now gotten so pervasive and so perverse that it results in bestowing victim status and public favors upon those who were willing to break the law just to get buzzed.

This weird pursuit of rewarding the lawbreaker over the law-abiding is akin to putting first in line for a new medical clinic license those doctors who were especially good at malpractice.

Sadly, this law and its bizarre discriminatory features are more proof that we live in an upside-down, failing state.