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Praying for life will save lives

Valentine’s Day is a time for people to tell and show others love. Telling and showing others that we love them is incredibly powerful.

Some people never hear these words or see loving behavior.

If we love others, shouldn’t we want the best for them? Shouldn’t we want to try to prevent them from experiencing decades of remorse and regret for a decision they’ve made? Shouldn’t people want to try to prevent them from potentially becoming addicted to alcohol or drugs as a way to avoid grief? Shouldn’t we want to try to prevent them from becoming depressed?

All of these issues are often suffered by women and men who choose to abort their unborn child. Many mothers and fathers state that knowing that someone loves and cares about them makes the difference between them choosing life for their child as opposed to aborting their child. Knowing that a stranger loves and cares about a fellow human being can literally save fellow human beings’ lives.

One of the most loving decisions we can make is to get involved in pro-life ministry; to let mothers and fathers know we care about them and that help is available. One way to do this is simply to show up to pray outside the local abortion clinic.

Many local area pro-life advocates will be doing so in Champaign from Feb. 17 to March 28 for “40 Days for Life.” More people willing to demonstrate their love and caring for fellow human beings are always needed.



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