Pritzker win disappointing

I’m very disappointed that Illinois voters re-elected J.B. Pritzker for governor after all the wrongful things he has done. I’m not going to list them because they’re too numerous, and many people already know about them.

I believe the main reason that he was re-elected is because he helped make Illinois a legal abortion state and knew that’s what women wanted.

I don’t believe in abortion because in my opinion, that’s murdering babies. God knows each and every one of them who are in the womb, according to the King James version of the Bible.

On another note, we have all types and kinds of birth control that can be used to stop pregnancies. But they’re ignored. Of course, some women will say birth control doesn’t work all the time. Still, this isn’t a reason to have an abortion.

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Another option is giving the baby up for adoption. That would be better than giving the unborn child a death sentence. But this option is rarely used.

When these abortion mothers pass on to the next life, maybe they’ll get a chance to meet their aborted babies.



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